Tooling modifications bring a 20-fold performance improvement for international manufacturer

Gripple Ltd, a globally recognised manufacturer which delivers innovative, value-added solutions to construction and agricultural markets….

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Reverse engineering expertise ensures new parts can be made so that vital repairs can be carried out

NOT every toolmaker has the ability to repair, refurbish or reverse engineer tools they did not originally make….

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Exact replacement takes just 12 weeks to make as tool is retired after 13 years’ service – and millions of parts

For one of our loyal customers who produces parts for Jaguar car engines, one of the main tools they use…

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Expertise led to modifications of interior decorative parts in Audi cars

In this case the client came to us with their own compartment concept and design, which was analysed using our…

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Tool designed and manufactured to produce 10,000 parts a week for Ford transits

Our expertise was first and foremost used to assess the viability of the required part using our analysis software, assessing…

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Paragon Toolmaking

321 National Avenue
Kingston upon Hull
United Kingdom


Company Registration Number: 7567189
VAT Registration Number: 108775201

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