Tool designed and manufactured to produce 10,000 parts a week for Ford transits

Tool Concept & Design

Our expertise was first and foremost used to assess the viability of the required part using our analysis software, assessing the forming feasibility of the product to see if it could actually be produced to the required standard. Once the concept was approved the project moved into the tool design stage. Our design and engineering specialists devised a 10 operation cutting and forming process to create the tools required to produce a repeatable, accurate and consistent part. As part of this process our teams also calculated and planned for the automated robotic transfer of the component through the tools, ensuring the component could be manipulated and accurately located into each tool as required.

Tool Manufacture & Testing

Our teams worked with various departments and employees of the client, making sure the part met the needs of the design, quality, project, and tooling engineers, at a price agreeable to the commercial department too. After the initial tool was produced it was tested in our try-out facility, in which we work hard to replicate the final production environment of our clients to address any potential issues and ensure minimum hassle when installing. More than 200 parts were created in the trialling process, some of which were used by the customer on pre-production test builds.

Tool Delivery, Implementation & Performance

The tool set was shipped to our customer, followed by a site visit from our team to support them through installation and onsite testing. The tool set was designed and built to produce up to 10,000 parts a week and has been in use since 2018. It should see around 10 years of service and is being maintained by their own in-house team. It was on site and functional within 30 weeks of the first concept discussions.


A North-East-based automotive engine components manufacturer, supplying end client Ford.


The client came to Paragon Toolmaking with the design and initial concept for a stainless steel engine component on a new engine for 2 Litre diesel Ford Transit models.

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