Expertise led to modifications of interior decorative parts in Audi cars

Tool Concept & Design

In this case the client came to us with their own compartment concept and design, which was analysed using our specialist software, identifying a predicted fault, a split, in the formed component. Working together with the customer Paragon Toolmaking proposed an alternative shape that would allow the customer to meet its project requirements with a reliable part.

Tool Manufacture & Testing

Like all tools designed and manufactured by Paragon Tooling, this new tool was fully tested in our try-out facility to ensure the parts produced were repeatable, consistent, and of course given the issues with the original design in this case, viable and not at risk of any fault in the future.

Tool Delivery, Implementation & Performance

Kevin Batty, General Manager of Paragon Tooling, said: “This particular project highlighted the huge benefits we can offer to clients through our analysis software to check the viability of a part being manufactured right at the start. In this case, our work enabled us to be able to modify the original part to create a tool which would meet the requirements, but not be at risk of splitting once in place. We know that if our analysis software suggests there may be an issue down the line, it is likely to happen and that puts us in a very strong position to be able to advise our customers and help them find an alternative solution.”


Automotive industry suppler to Audi cars.


Pre-printed Aluminium interior decorative panel for central console.

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