Exact replacement takes just 12 weeks to make as tool is retired after 13 years’ service – and millions of parts

SOME tools produce millions of parts during their lifetime.

For one of our loyal customers who produces parts for Jaguar car engines, one of the main tools they use was 13 years old before it needed to be replaced.

And when its lifespan was reaching a conclusion, they returned to Paragon Toolmaking to ask if we could replicate the original design, which we’d made for them more than a decade earlier.

Whilst some of the people who worked on the original order had retired, we did still have the design drawings in the archives. Kevin Batty, our General Manager, was also part of the team involved in the development and manufacture of the tool.

So, it was easy to build an exact replacement to replicate the product required and the project was completed in just 12 weeks – making our customer very happy.

Reflecting on the project, Kevin said: “Every tool we design and manufacture is 100% bespoke and our archives are full of the blueprints we use. This means customer regularly return to us to ask for repairs or repeat orders.

“Had this customer used another toolmaking supplier, it would have been a long and arduous process to try and match the tool exactly. But we were able to give them the tool they need in a timeframe which caused minimal disruption.

“That was a huge benefit to their production schedule and reinforces the value of having a successful long-term relationship.”


Automotive industry suppler to Jaguar cars.


Replicate and reproduce exact design of the original tool.

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