Our automotive industry expertise: Bespoke tooling has produced parts for Jaguar, Lotus, Aston Martin, BMW and more

Paragon Toolmaking has established itself as a ‘go to’ specialist when it comes to designing and manufacturing bespoke tooling to make specific parts for the automotive industry.

We recently shared news of how our team was called upon to help produce parts for Cadillac’s new flagship electric vehicle – the ultra-luxury Celestiq.

However, this was far from an unusual request for our team, as tooling made in our industry-leading factory in Hull have made thousands of parts which have found their way into models including Aston Martin, Lotus, Jaguar, Audi, BMW and Volvo, and many more.

Common contracts have included making tools to produce heat shields which protect engines and exhausts from extreme heat temperatures, with interior panels and trims also in high demand from customers who supply the end manufacturers.

Leaders in the field

“A great deal of our work over the years has been for clients working in the automotive industry, and we have certainly carved out a reputation as leaders in this field,” said General Manager Kevin Batty.

“In some years this kind of work has made up a large section of our overall order book, and where we have really excelled has been in making tooling which is able to produce interior parts which require that extra level of detail and finery.

“That is when we find people turning to us, often having found other toolmakers in the UK and overseas have been unable to meet their exacting needs.

“It can be very difficult creating tooling to create components which not only have the strength and durability to perform their key role, but that also are aesthetically pleasing as they are on show all of the time. It’s often referred to as automotive jewellery, and we thrive on the challenge and have become something of a go to business for this, which is pleasing.”

Forming analysis vital for customer confidence

Key to Paragon’s success in this international industry has been constant investment into the latest and most advanced manufacturing technology on the market, ensuring it boasts one of the most modern and well-equipped UK tool rooms, using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) software, with modern Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machinery.

Mr Batty says it is also the company’s ability to support customers on every step of the process, often working back from the ‘concept’ of the final product of the customer and using its expertise to design and build a specialist manufacturing tool, which secures contracts.

“We have a unique offering as our high-tech initial tool concept work uses technology to evaluate the form, fit and function of a part before it goes into production, which not only allows us to highlight any potential production issues, but also to drive the efficiency of production, designing the tools for ease of manufacture, specifically to suit the customer’s presses,” he added.

Last year, our team received a new order from a customer to replace a specific manufacturing tool which produces parts used in Jaguar car engines, 13 years 3 after the first tool was made for the client, and after it had produced millions of parts – a demonstration of how Paragon has remained at the forefront of this sector, and produces tools that perform for years.

If you would like to talk to our team about toolmaking for automotive products, contact our team today at – or if you have a rough pencil sketch or CAD drawing, we can evaluate its form, fit and function – before telling you how to make it!

Send your design and find out.

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