New website launched including option to ‘upload your designs’

Paragon Toolmaking is delighted to launch a new company website which has been developed to enhance the experience of our customers.

Built to work seamlessly on desktop, tablet and mobile, it includes a new feature in which our potential clients can upload designs or sketch drawings of the part or products the need to be able to make – allowing our expert toolmakers to give an immediate assessment and advice.

The website has been specifically built to provide more details about the industry leading tooling services and tools we are able to design and manufacture.

We will be updating the site with details of projects we have completed for our customers, which includes some of the world’s leading manufacturers and first-tier suppliers.

Kevin Batty, General Manager at Paragon Toolmaking, said: “As a business we have continually invested in new technology over the years which has ensured the business has remained at the cutting edge of toolmaking.

“This has ensured that we have retained many happy, repeat customers who know all about what we do and the quality of our team. In the modern world that expertise has to be reflected by what you do online also, and you have to offer more.

“We believe the website, and our increased marketing activity, will help spread the word further, helping UK manufacturers with our substantial expertise.

“The introduction of our new online facility in which customers can upload their designs, CAD drawings or even rough pencil sketches is an important new addition as many people firstly come to us with a need for a specific part or product and want to know whether it can be made, and of course how to make it.

“We find our service always works best when the relationship begins right at that initial concept stage of a new product, as that enables us to bring our 50 years of expertise as press tool makers to which often results in us not just highlighting potential issues which could occur in the manufacturing process, but also the best ways to produce the product or part to make it as efficient as possible for our clients.

“We are confident that many of our customers will use the new service, from which point our team of expert designers will be able to assess what is required and let them know the next step to producing the tool they require.”

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