Customer returns to Paragon to replace manufacturing tool which has made millions of Jaguar car parts over 13 years

Paragon Toolmaking have been delighted to receive a new order from a customer to replace a specific manufacturing tool which produces parts used in Jaguar car engines.

The order comes 13 years after the first tool was made for this particular client, and after it has produced millions of parts for the end user.

Kevin Batty, General Manager of Paragon Toolmaking, was part of the design team which was originally involved in the development and manufacture of the tool.

He says it is a mark of the quality that the customer has returned to the business looking for an exact replacement.

“A lot has changed in the world over the past 13 years, and that makes it significant that this client has returned to Paragon Toolmaking when it has needed a new tool producing to produce these parts for Jaguar engines,” he said.

“Interestingly, the original order was handled by senior people at each firm who have since gone on to retire from the businesses.

“Given we were the manufacturer of the tool the client returned to us and we had of course retained all the designs to enable us to be able to replicate the product. The people who did the original order may have gone, but the knowledge, detail and ability to carry out the job remain here.

“That has been of huge benefit to our client as, given all of our tools are made bespoke, it would have been a long process had they sought another supplier to try and match it exactly.

“We have been able to turn this contract around in around three months, which again has been of great benefit to the customer.”

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