How our hi-tech engineering processes provide speed and savings for customers

When customers take a look around our factory they are often surprised by the sophisticated, high-tech nature of our work.

Our constant investment into the latest technology – and continued commitment to in-house training of our staff – has seen us grow from dealing with mainly local businesses to supplying bespoke tooling solutions to many of the world’s leading manufacturers and first-tier suppliers.

We use of some of the most advanced manufacturing technology on the market, and our knowledge of robotic systems and automated manufacturing means we are able to design specialist tools which fit seamlessly into the production processes of any business.

Using the very latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) software, together with modern Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machinery, has enabled our team to design tooling solutions for businesses which create millions of products each and every day.

Indeed, products made on tooling designed and manufactured here at our factory in Hull are used in some of the world’s most recognised brands, including the likes of Rolls Royce, Land Rover, Siemens, Aston Martin, Ideal Boilers and many more.

At Paragon Toolmaking, we are proud of our ability to combine the advantages of the very latest technology with the skill and experience of our design team.

It ensures our customers benefit from quality products, with the quickest turnaround and at the best price.

In a world of increasing financial pressures, delivering ‘more for less’ by ensuring cost effective solutions is essential. We believe we do this by ensuring our team follow five key processes.

1. Tool concept evaluation for form, fit and function of part

Every project starts with our high-tech initial tool concept work. Our teams use technology to evaluate the form, fit and function of a part before it goes into production. This allows us not only to highlight any potential production issues, but also drive efficiency of production, designing the tools for ease of manufacture, specifically to suit the customer’s presses.

2. Low-cost prototype viability sampling

Using low cost temporary tooling, we can produce ‘metal’ prototype samples very early in the design process to provide speedy assessments of product viability.

3. Planning design for automation and robotics

Our tools are frequently designed to suit any automation process used by our customers, such as auto transfer systems, robot part manipulation and automatic progression, ensuring the tool fits seamlessly into their production process.

4. Use of most advanced manufacturing technology

We use the most advanced manufacturing technology, including Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), laser cutting and 3D printing, to produce tooling perfect for the most advanced manufacturing plants worldwide.

We are regarded by many as the market leaders in EDM, meaning we are able to produce very complex parts and precision components from a range of conductive materials, whether hardened or soft.

Our wire cut machines, all of which are fully submersed, mean we can offer some of the fastest cut speeds in the industry, and our modern CNC Laser Cutting machines have enabled us to reduce product proving timescale by up to six weeks.

5. Quality control and inspection

As our QCT Quantum CMM machine is linked directly to our design office, we are able to import data from CAD and measure parts in full 3D to determine the relationship between the co-ordinates of the “real life” part and the master model.

Each and every press tool part and component is then finished to exact dimensions and tolerances to ensure that we meet or exceed the finished part specification.

We support businesses in every step of the process, with every tool made bespoke to meet the exacting requirements of customer needs.

For more information, call on 01482 497777 and speak to our team today!

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