Paragon Toolmaking’s Newest Addition – The Perfect PFG-70100DT CNC Grinding Machine

At Paragon Toolmaking, we continually seek ways to enhance the precision and efficiency of our toolmaking operations to better serve our clients across various industries. 

With great enthusiasm, we announce the latest advancement in our manufacturing capabilities: the acquisition of the Perfect PFG-70100DT CNC grinding machine.

Paragon Toolmakings's new Perfect PFG-70100DT CNC Grinding Machine being installed.
Paragon Toolmakings’s new Perfect PFG-70100DT CNC Grinding Machine being installed.

This state-of-the-art CNC surface grinder, supplied by RK International Machine Tools, is renowned for its exceptional precision and versatility. 

It features a robust design and cutting-edge technologies that ensure top-tier performance. The PFG-70100DT has a 10″ LCD touchscreen that simplifies operation and a PLC controller that allows for precise adjustments, which are critical for complex die and tool manufacture.

The benefits of this new machine are multifaceted:

  • Enhanced Precision: The PFG-70100DT’s advanced grinding modes, including surface, crisscross, and plunge, enable us to achieve ultra-precise specifications, ensuring components that meet the most stringent quality standards.
  • Increased Productivity: Automated features such as auto dressing with compensation and rapid power cross-feed significantly reduce cycle times, enhancing our output without compromising quality.
  • Operational Efficiency: The machine’s step-less variable proportional valve hydraulic system optimises the X-axis movements, reducing manual adjustments and downtime.

For our customers, the addition of the Perfect PFG-70100DT translates into faster turnaround times and even higher quality in the final product—whether they require bespoke press tools or complex component manufacturing. 

By investing in such advanced technologies, we uphold our commitment to excellence and ensure that our solutions are cost-effective and of impeccable quality.

Our dedication drives our journey towards continual improvement to meet and exceed client expectations. With the Perfect PFG-70100DT, Paragon Toolmaking reinforces its position as a precision engineering and manufacturing leader, ready to tackle the challenges of today’s dynamic market environments.

Contact our expert team directly for more details on our enhanced capabilities and how they can benefit your specific project needs.

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Paragon toolmaking team being trained to use the new CNC grinding machine.

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