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As lead times become shorter and press tools become more complex, it’s important to be able to trial, develop and prove press tools thoroughly before delivery to the final production site.

Our in house try-out facility allows us to do just this, offering great benefits for our customers. We encourage customers to come and view "tool trials" in order to evaluate their tools pre-production. Where possible, we try to replicate the final production environment, this presents a good opportunity to address any potential issues before final delivery. “Ironing out” any issues prior to production, facilitates the transition from toolmaker to final production site smoothly with minimum hassle, effectively allowing our customers to “hit the ground running” when the tool is delivered to site.

Another advantage of our in-house try-out facility is that where possible we can provide product samples prior to a tools final construction. Even though a tool may not be complete it can still be used to make sample parts. Our customers benefit from this as it allows them to take away these parts early for use in their pre-production test builds allowing them to action other post processes earlier.